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This website is an expose of serial liar, Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet, aka Allie Overstreet aka Lori Overstreet, and probably a number of other aliases.

Allie Overstreet is a woman who lives in Higginsville Missouri.  She worked with Bill Windsor as a volunteer for Lawless America.  When she quit, she immediately began telling one lie after another about Bill Windsor.  She cyberstalked, harassed, lied, libeled, slandered, defamed, and even made up a lie in which she accused Bill Windsor of being a would-be serial killer or mass murderer.

Allie Overstreet is a serial liar.

Bill Windsor has filed criminal complaints against her as well as a civil action in Lafayette County Missouri and Ellis County Texas.

Allie Overstreet and her friends are not permitted to read this website.  Attorneys are not allowed to read this website.  This article is not abuse, a threaten to abuse, stalk, molest or disturb the peace of Allie Overstreet.  I am simply a member of the press reporting what has been done to me and others by Allie Overstreet.

The goal of this site is to spread the word about corruption and injustice in the court system in general and by Allie Overstreet in particular.

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This site is a media site.  Bill Windsor is a professional journalist; most of his career was spent as the publisher of magazines.  He began his media career as a radio and TV announcer.  He was in the press corps for the Apollo 11 launch.  Lawless America is an online magazine and an online news portal.  Lawless America has produced a regular online radio show and produces periodic online television shows.  Lawless America is also a documentary film and video producer/director.  Bill Windsor is a member of the U.S. Press Association.



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