Allie Overstreet asks Bill Windsor to process her video, and he does and posts it to YouTube


Allie Overstreet asks Bill Windsor in a Facebook message to process her video, and he does and posts it to YouTube

January 22, 2013


Allie Overstreet

Do I need to come prepared to re do my three minute testimony?

I did one, but my long thirty minute one was titled as my three minute testimony to Congress. I also cut the camera in the first three seconds and started over, so I’m scared it’s in a pile somewhere for editing.


Bill Windsor

Wouldn’t hurt. Stacy Slaton did not return two hard drives. One other editor has failed to do a fraction of what was sent, and I am trying to get that hard drive back.


Allie Overstreet

Okay. “Pencil me in just in case”

Filming in ballroom or breakfast rooms?

You really are filing on those twits right? The blog/vids/connie /ampp/etc


Bill Windsor

Filming in a far corner of the ballroom and in my room.

Yes, tomorrow is with the police, sheriff, and a judge.


Allie Overstreet

Good. Wow what morons.

Okay on the filming. Still haven’t done the DC update… til midnight. Folks are getting pushy pushy picturing things that aren’t, like all speaking etc. I’ll do it right after work and let you read/correct.

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Bill Windsor

I found the original hard drive and processed the film into video. Your Congressional Testimony will upload sometime in the middle of the night!


Allie Overstreet

Haha! You didn’t need to stop to do that! I would have just re done it there. Thank you! (If it sucks I may film anyway).

At some point soon we need to touch serious base on everything in DC. Maybe 15 minutes. Alot of hands in the pot and everyone has different ideas.

Dottie also is waiting on me to help her with the spreadsheet and get the email rights back from the chick that quit.

Deb young and Francesca somebody are demanding speaking time. I need 15 minutes to see what kind of authority I have and see what your wishes are so I can enforce them without bugging you.

It will be awesome, whether 100 or 1,000.


Allie Overstreet

Check this out!

Oh, and thank you so much for digging out my testimony when you’re so busy. You’re a sweetheart. And I appreciate it.

Now, wow, check this out…..

Lawless America Missouri 11 hours ago ·

We’re BAAaaack!

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