Allie Overstreet begins telling lies about Bill Windsor and Lawless America

Virginia-Arlington-Meet-Me-in-DC-2013-02-06 336-Allie-Overstreet-cropped

Allie Overstreet begins telling lies about Bill Windsor and Lawless America.

On February 20, 2013, I received messages from people asking whether it was true that Allie Overstreet had been banned.  I messaged Allie to say: “Someone posing as you is sending this to people: Allie Overstreet — I was banned from Lawless America.”  Allie refused twice to answer the question whether she had sent the message.  The man who assured me he had gotten such a message gave me his login and password to Facebook, so I could logon and see for myself.  There was a message right in his Inbox where Allie Overstreet’s Facebook icon was shown and the message that she had been banned from Lawless America.  So, I sent it to Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich with this message: “This screenshot shows Brian Long’s messages. Allie, can you explain how he got such a message from your computer? If Brian got it, how many other people received this false and damaging information?”

Allie wouldn’t answer the question, which has proven to be her pattern.  She replied indicating Brian was a “nut” and me a nut chaser.  After two more exchanges and Allie Overstreet refused to answer the question, I told her I was banning her, and I did at 5:21 pm on February 20, 2013.

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