Allie Overstreet posts lies about the fake death notice that was sent to Bill Windsor

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Allie Overstreet posts lies about the fake death notice that was sent to Bill Windsor.

At approximately 3:00 am on February 23, 2013, Allie Overstreet posted on the Lawless America Facebook page.  That posting was subsequently deleted apparently by her, but I managed to get a screenshot.  She wrote:

“Allie Overstreet pfft….I saw your “XXXXXX commited suicide” comment and panicked. I know XXXXXX and his mother very well in real life. I called her immediately because I knew something wasnt right with your story. I had just spoken to them three hours prior. Sure enough, he is alive and well and she is in shock that you would post that. Do not play like I had anything to do with this. That is just cruel. I love XXXXXX very much and know him personally. XXXXXXXX and XXXXXX aren’t even your followers. I talked them into filming with you, and she has only had minimal contact since XXXXXXXXXXX with you. She is not on fb very much, does not read your wall, and is not known by your followers. She did not do this. And a man in Montana wasn’t watching young boys in Missouri eating. I told him XXXXXX was alive because your post caused alot of pdople to pray, cry, and mourn, including Mark in Montana. It was only right I let him know that XXXXXX was not dead. And really, Bill, what if he was dead? You think it is okay to post that stuff without even knowing if it was okay with his mom ? She is crying herveyes out and cursing up a storm because you knew her son IS suicidal from CPS. My God Bill, have some compassion. And try asking people before you go saying their son is dead. I know XXXXXXXX and she did not send you that. I certainly did not send you that. You are out of line. I have done nothing to you, and have been kind in explaining why Icam not here anymore. Why would you put my name in a post suggesting I sent this sick piece of garbage? Say your sorry for Gods sake, instead of accusing everybody for YOUR mess ups. XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX is alive and well. Leave him alone.”

Here is the screenshot:

ALLIE-OVERSTREET-PISSY-COMMENTS-2013-02-22-10-34-34 AM-cropped-640w

The fact that Allie Overstreet posted this is later admitted by her in another Facebook post.

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