Arlington Virginia Police Department requests information from Allie Overstreet on stalkers and threats to Bill Windsor


Arlington Virginia Police Department requests information from Allie Overstreet on stalkers and threats to Bill Windsor.

This is important because Allie Overstreet later defames Bill Windsor to make this sound like his idea.  This is the actual email from the police department:

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 12:22 PM CST Kevin Riley wrote:


>Thank you for the information you provided regarding the event you will be hosting on February 5-6.  To recap our conversation, your group is a non-violent activist group (not protestors) that are coming to the DC area to meet with Congress and host a conference for your national membership.  The majority of your visit will be dedicated to meetings on Capitol Hill in one of two reserved rooms in the US House of Representatives and visitors will utilize a reserved shuttle bus from the group hotels to the Capitol. The majority of your guests will be staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (1480 Crystal Dr.) and the Holiday Inn – National Airport (2650 Jefferson Davis Hwy).  The total number of guests will be approximately 500.  On February 6, from 2pm-5pm, you will be hosting a national conference in the grand ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  You do not plan for any organized rallies, marches or protests and do not anticipate any intentional arrests or  other acts of civil disobedience or violence.  This event is the first of its kind for your group so you are uncertain if any opposition groups intend on protesting your cause during your visit.

>You will serve as the emergency contact while in Arlington and your contact information is:

>Ally Overstreet



>It is also my understanding that your group, and specifically you and your boss, William Windsor, have received death threats from numerous, sometimes anonymous, sources.  One subject in particular, Sean B**shie, has been criminally charged in Missouri and Georgia as a result of these threats.

>The following information I will need from you is:

>-          Sean B**shie – any date of birth/social security number, suspected photographs

>-          Criminal case numbers in the jurisdictions where you or Mr. Windsor are pursuing criminal charges against B**shie or any other threat

>-          Any known specific threat targeting you, your group or any other member WHILE in Arlington VA

>I will be CC’ing Lt. Michael Quigley (<>) who is our Off Duty Coordinator.  I’ve already spoken to him regarding your group, but if you could send him an email with what you’re looking for as far as protection/coverage and where, he will get back to you with specifics.

>The contact number I have for the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Operations Section is (202) 671-6511.  If that fails, the main dispatch number is 202-727-9099.

>For your reference, if you have any issue that requires immediately police/fire/medical assistance while in Arlington, you can call 911.  Any non-emergency can be directed to 703-558-2222.

>I look forward to hearing back from you.

>Detective Kevin Riley

>Homeland Security Section

>Arlington County Police Department

>1425 N. Courthouse Rd.

>Arlington, VA 22201


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