Bill Windsor files Notice of Amended Pleadings

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Bill Windsor files Notice of Amended Pleadings.


Comes Now, William M. Windsor (“Windsor” or “Plaintiff”) and files this NOTICE OF AMENDED PLEADINGS.  PLAINTIFF shows the Court as follows:

  1. 1.             PLAINTIFF has been unable to locate DEFENDANT BRENDA WILLIAMSON.  The address that she gave the PLAINTIFF is invalid.  She has refused to provide her address upon request.  Online searches have revealed numerous addresses, but none of them seem to be valid.  A skip trace service is yet to determine what her current address is.
  2. The PLAINTIFF’s position in 13LF-CV00461 is being jeopardized because the Clerk of the Court will not issue subpoenas required for discovery by claiming that non-party subpoenas will not be issued until all parties have been served.
  3. Therefore, the PLAINTIFF feels that he has no option but to amend his pleadings to remove DEFENDANT BRENDA WILLIAMSON.
  4. The PLAINTIFF will continue to attempt to identify her address, and he will seek to have her added as a party at a later date.
  5. Supreme Court Rule 55.33 provides that “A pleading may be amended once as a matter of course at any time before a responsive pleading is served….”
  6. DEFENDANT BRENDA WILLIAMSON has not filed a responsive pleading, so this Notice of Amended Pleadings does not require a motion or approval of the Court.
  7. PLAINTIFF has effected this removal by amending pages 1, 3, and 13.  These amended pages are attached hereto as Exhibit A.  All other pages remain the same.

Submitted this 2nd day of July, 2013,

William M. Windsor


William M. Windsor

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