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Brenda Williamson tells Bill Windsor in emails and on the phone that Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich lied

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Brenda Williamson tells Bill Windsor in emails and on the phone that Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich lied.

At approximately 10:30 on February 22, 2013, I called the mother, Brenda Williamson, at the phone number on her Movie Release Form.  We spoke for about a half hour, and she reiterated that she knew nothing about this until she read my email.  She said she hadn’t spoken with Allie Overstreet.  She reiterated everything in her email, and we spent quite a bit of time talking about XXXXXX and the hospital.


The mother followed up by sending me over two dozen emails showing stalking/harassment by Shannon E. Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez of the American Mothers Political Party, the woman who started all the hating stuff with absolute lies.  The mother wondered whether this woman might be involved.

Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich lie in apparent plot to discredit Bill Windsor and Lawless America over faked suicide of a boy

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Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich lie in apparent plot to discredit Bill Windsor and Lawless America over faked suicide of a boy.

At half past midnight on February 21, 2013 (actually February 22 at that point), I received a Facebook message allegedly from Brenda Williamson, a mother who I filmed.   The message read: “Bill, I don’t know if you remember me or not.  I was filmed in XXXXXXXXXXXX on XXXXXXX.  You also interviewed my 16 yr old son XXXXXXXX who was illegally taken from me and horribly abused in foster care and and group homes.  They finally won.  My son took his own life yesterday morning.  He was afraid they would take him again and he wrote a letter saying he could not live through it again.  My fight is over.  They have won.  They have destroyed my son. Thank you for being so nice to him in XXXXXXXXX.  He really enjoyed the experience.  I hope your movie helps people.  I, however, have given up hope. Good luck and again thank you.” [REDACTED]

I immediately tried to respond to her message, but Facebook showed that the account was closed or that any response was blocked.  I absolutely recognized her Facebook name, because it is an unusual name.

I spent several hours preparing a tribute to the boy, posting an article, videos, Facebook posts, etc.  I believe these were posted at about 2:00 am.  There was an outpouring of love and prayers.

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At 2:06 am on February 22, 2013, I received this private message from Mark Supanich that was a copy of a posting that he made online: “There Is a recent Post on Lawless America that XXXXXX Is dead I know for a fact that he is is alive and well. He just had a bologa sandwicth . last I checked dead people don’t eat. Whoever Is spreading this false information should be ashamed of themselves. At least check your stories for facts before devastating friends and families with untruths. Please share this with all your friends to put a stop to this!!”  [REDACTED]

This is false.  Mark Supanich did not know for a fact that XXXXXX was alive and well.  XXXXXX had not just eaten a bologna sandwich.  XXXXXX is indeed alive, but he has been ill, and he was in the hospital, so he clearly was not “well.”  Just the opposite.  This is proven in a telephone conversation with the boy’s mother, emails from the boy’s mother, and ultimately in postings by Allie Overstreet.

At 2:16 am on February 22, 2013, I received another private message from Mark Supanich: “Someone is really screwing up with this. XXXXXXXX his mother is a mess about this false news.”

This is false.  The mother knew nothing about any of this.  She told me so by telephone and stated so in an email to me.  The mother said she didn’t even know a Mark Supanich.

At 2:22 am on February 22, 2013, I received another private message from Mark Supanich: “She is devastated Bill I don’t think she wants to talk with you but sent the meassage on to her.”

This is false.  The mother wasn’t devastated; she was apparently asleep.  She told me she was unaware of any of this.  And she indicated that she never received a message from Mark Supanich.

I removed everything about this from and Facebook after the first message. I believe there are only a half dozen people in the world who could have written what is in the Facebook message claiming death.  If this was a hoax, I felt that we’ve got a very ill woman on our hands. I know I didn’t do this, and I couldn’t imagine that XXXXXX did.  That left the mom, Allie Overstreet, and two others who were people filmed on issues unrelated to children and family court.

At 2:16 am on February 22, 2013, I emailed the mother: “If the attached message received from your Facebook account is true, I am so sorry!  I received this at about midnight on February 21.  It came to the Lawless America Facebook private message account.  After I posted tributes to XXXXXX about 2 am, a posting appeared from Allie Overstreet’s new boyfriend, Mark Supanich, claiming this isn’t true and that he just saw XXXXXX eating a bologna sandwich.  Please let me know if XXXXXX is okay, and if so, may I have a number so I can call him.  XXXXXXXX, there could only be maybe six people in the world who could have written this message to me because they would have had to have been there when XXXXXX was filmed.  I believe that was XXXXXX, you, Allie, me, XXXXX XXXXX, and maybe one other.  Bill Windsor This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ”

At approximately 3:00 am on February 23, 2013, Allie Overstreet posted on the Lawless America Facebook page.  That posting was subsequently deleted apparently by her, but I managed to get a screenshot.  She wrote:

“Allie Overstreet pfft….I saw your “XXXXXX commited suicide” comment and panicked. I know XXXXXX and his mother very well in real life. I called her immediately because I knew something wasnt right with your story. I had just spoken to them three hours prior. Sure enough, he is alive and well and she is in shock that you would post that. Do not play like I had anything to do with this. That is just cruel. I love XXXXXX very much and know him personally. XXXXXXXX and XXXXXX aren’t even your followers. I talked them into filming with you, and she has only had minimal contact since XXXXXXXXXXX with you. She is not on fb very much, does not read your wall, and is not known by your followers. She did not do this. And a man in Montana wasn’t watching young boys in Missouri eating. I told him XXXXXX was alive because your post caused alot of pdople to pray, cry, and mourn, including Mark in Montana. It was only right I let him know that XXXXXX was not dead. And really, Bill, what if he was dead? You think it is okay to post that stuff without even knowing if it was okay with his mom ? She is crying herveyes out and cursing up a storm because you knew her son IS suicidal from CPS. My God Bill, have some compassion. And try asking people before you go saying their son is dead. I know XXXXXXXX and she did not send you that. I certainly did not send you that. You are out of line. I have done nothing to you, and have been kind in explaining why Icam not here anymore. Why would you put my name in a post suggesting I sent this sick piece of garbage? Say your sorry for Gods sake, instead of accusing everybody for YOUR mess ups. XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX is alive and well. Leave him alone.”

At 6:37 am on February 22, 2013, I received this reply from the mother:

To: William Windsor < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >;
Sent: Fri, February 22, 2013 6:37:15 AM
Subject: Re: Facebook message from Your Facebook Account

Bill, i just woke up to this message. I haven’t been on Facebook for over a week except through my mobile app and playing bejeweled. I don’t know what’s going on! I don’t know a marc supanich and haven’t spoken to lori in a while. This is very upsetting to me because no, XXXXXX is not dead but he is in the hospital REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED.  I have also, in the past, received horrible emails from some crazy ladies against you and lawless America sayingsaying things about noah REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED. I don’t know what’s going on. I tried to log onto Facebook to look in my messages and it keeps saying i have the wrong log in or password. I can still log in automatically with my mobile app through the game though and i can’t find you, or anyone else related to lawless america. I am going to report this. I am scared and don’t know what to do. And nobody has seen XXXXXX except me and the hospital staff and he hates bologna. What the heck is going on?

So, in this email from the mother, she establishes that much of the above is false.  If the mother is telling the truth, Allie’s post and Mark’s posts were LIES.

Allie Overstreet sends Facebook message falsely claiming she had been banned from Lawless America

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Allie Overstreet sends Facebook message falsely claiming she had been banned from Lawless America.

She had not been banned.  She lied about sending this message, but Brian Long gave me his Facebook login and password so I could see for myself.  This screenshot was done using his account.


Allie Overstreet begins telling lies about Bill Windsor and Lawless America

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Allie Overstreet begins telling lies about Bill Windsor and Lawless America.

On February 20, 2013, I received messages from people asking whether it was true that Allie Overstreet had been banned.  I messaged Allie to say: “Someone posing as you is sending this to people: Allie Overstreet — I was banned from Lawless America.”  Allie refused twice to answer the question whether she had sent the message.  The man who assured me he had gotten such a message gave me his login and password to Facebook, so I could logon and see for myself.  There was a message right in his Inbox where Allie Overstreet’s Facebook icon was shown and the message that she had been banned from Lawless America.  So, I sent it to Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich with this message: “This screenshot shows Brian Long’s messages. Allie, can you explain how he got such a message from your computer? If Brian got it, how many other people received this false and damaging information?”

Allie wouldn’t answer the question, which has proven to be her pattern.  She replied indicating Brian was a “nut” and me a nut chaser.  After two more exchanges and Allie Overstreet refused to answer the question, I told her I was banning her, and I did at 5:21 pm on February 20, 2013.

Allie Overstreet asks Bill Windsor to process her video, and he does and posts it to YouTube


Allie Overstreet asks Bill Windsor in a Facebook message to process her video, and he does and posts it to YouTube

January 22, 2013


Allie Overstreet

Do I need to come prepared to re do my three minute testimony?

I did one, but my long thirty minute one was titled as my three minute testimony to Congress. I also cut the camera in the first three seconds and started over, so I’m scared it’s in a pile somewhere for editing.


Bill Windsor

Wouldn’t hurt. Stacy Slaton did not return two hard drives. One other editor has failed to do a fraction of what was sent, and I am trying to get that hard drive back.


Allie Overstreet

Okay. “Pencil me in just in case”

Filming in ballroom or breakfast rooms?

You really are filing on those twits right? The blog/vids/connie /ampp/etc


Bill Windsor

Filming in a far corner of the ballroom and in my room.

Yes, tomorrow is with the police, sheriff, and a judge.


Allie Overstreet

Good. Wow what morons.

Okay on the filming. Still haven’t done the DC update… til midnight. Folks are getting pushy pushy picturing things that aren’t, like all speaking etc. I’ll do it right after work and let you read/correct.

  • January 22


Bill Windsor

I found the original hard drive and processed the film into video. Your Congressional Testimony will upload sometime in the middle of the night!


Allie Overstreet

Haha! You didn’t need to stop to do that! I would have just re done it there. Thank you! (If it sucks I may film anyway).

At some point soon we need to touch serious base on everything in DC. Maybe 15 minutes. Alot of hands in the pot and everyone has different ideas.

Dottie also is waiting on me to help her with the spreadsheet and get the email rights back from the chick that quit.

Deb young and Francesca somebody are demanding speaking time. I need 15 minutes to see what kind of authority I have and see what your wishes are so I can enforce them without bugging you.

It will be awesome, whether 100 or 1,000.


Allie Overstreet

Check this out!

Oh, and thank you so much for digging out my testimony when you’re so busy. You’re a sweetheart. And I appreciate it.

Now, wow, check this out…..

Lawless America Missouri 11 hours ago ·

We’re BAAaaack!

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