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Allie Overstreet fails to produce the documents in civil litigation that she stated in writing she had

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Allie Overstreet fails to produce the documents in civil litigation that she stated in writing she had.  Maybe she forgot to open her eyes.

The thing about liars is that it’s hard to keep the lies straight, much less the occasional truth.

On May 7, 2013, Bill Windsor served Allie Overstreet with Plaintiff’s First Request for Production of Documents from Defendant Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet.  On June 3, 2013, a response was sent to Bill Windsor with approximately 1,500 pages of documents.  Virtually NONE of the documents that Bill Windsor has from/about Allie Overstreet were produced.  She was obligated by law to produce what she has.  13LF-CV00461-Defendant-Overstreet-Response-Request-for-Documents-First-2013-06-03

In this Facebook posting, Allie Overstreet claims she was copied on all the correspondence that Bill Windsor sent and that she saved EVERYTHING.  So, where are the documents?  In my expert opinion, this is simply a continuation of the blatant dishonesty by Allie Overstreet.

Bill Windsor has now filed a Plaintiff’s Second Request for Production of Documents to Defendant Allie Overstreet to have a computer forensics company examine all of her electronic devices to recover documents that were not produced and files that were deleted.


Allie Overstreet files Answer to Bill Windsor’s Verified Complaint


Allie Overstreet files Answer to Bill Windsor’s Verified Complaint.  13LF-CV00641-Defendant-Overstreet-Answer-to-Complaint

  1. The so-called ANSWER could best be described as a despicable effort to circumvent the rules of civil procedure, defraud the Court, and deny justice to the PLAINTIFF.  The PLAINTIFF filed a VERIFIED COMPLAINT in which he swore that everything stated in the VERIFIED COMPLAINT was true and correct and based upon his personal knowledge.  It was signed under oath before a notary.  28 exhibits were attached, most of which the PLAINTIFF knows the DEFENDANT was familiar with.
  2. Yet, the so-called ANSWER to paragraphs 11, 12, 14-34, 38-57, 60, 63-72, 74, 76, 77, 79, 82, 84, 87-201, in the VERIFIED COMPLAINT was:  “Defendant states she is without sufficient knowledge or information to form a belief as to the truth of the allegations….”
  3. This dishonest so-called ANSWER includes facts sworn to by the PLAINTIFF such as:
    1. 60.  After Meet Me in DC, Overstreet seemed to become obsessed with, a site directed at the Plaintiff that the Plaintiff considers to be a hate site.  Overstreet kept sending Facebook messages and emails about it to the Plaintiff.  While Overstreet was regularly sending the Plaintiff postings by haters, she wanted the Plaintiff to stop mentioning them
    2. 115.  Upon information and belief, Overstreet sent the death notice message to the Plaintiff or conspired with someone to send it.
    3. 119.  At approximately 3:00 am on February 23, 2013, a posting appeared on the Lawless America Facebook page from the account of Overstreet.  [A true and correct copy of this message reviewed by the Plaintiff is attached as Exhibit 521.]
    4. 141.  Overstreet responded with a message that was false.  [A true and correct copy of this message received by the Plaintiff is attached as Exhibit 509.]
    5. 143.   Overstreet continued to post false messages about the Plaintiff on Facebook.
    6. 144.  Overstreet lied numerous times in Facebook postings.
    7. 145.  At approximately 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 23, 2013, Overstreet posted this on the Lawless America Facebook page:  “That’s it? This is your big public ousting? A simple trace on the computer that sent that suicide message, would clear things up. Although I doubt that gets posted. Unblocking me so I can watch the train wreck, yet blocking me from commenting to defend myself is a bit juvenile I think.  Tell them, Bill, of the donations receipts. Tell them of the movie and Sundance fiasco. Tell them of the thousands of emails you copied me on. Tell them of the one where you are calling them stupid. Tell them of Homeland Security list Bill, and the filming at the capitol. Tell them how Stacey did send your hard drives back and how you gave permission to use the banner and camera. Tell Dottie what you really think of her. Tell them about Montana and the cops chasing you out of the state. Tell them how many social security numbers you have. Tell them about your database Bill. Tell them about the emails you DONT publish. Tell them about the tv show Bill. Tell them of your bad guy list and why they are on it . Tell them how many times you were in your basement when you you said you were on the road. Tell them about the death threats, or rather, the lack there of. Tell them about the trademark and copywrites Bill. Tell them how you sent me every email you ever sent any of them. Tell them about the meetings with movie agents. Go ahead, tell them. Tell them about your precious spreadsheets with all their personal info Bill. And while you are at it, tell them how to track IP’s and proxy’s, and how you never should have trusted a woman with brains enough to keep everything you ever said. …You have made a grave mistake jerking innocent people around for your own midlife crisis. Haters aren’t causing you to fail, YOU are causing you to fail. Lying about stupid shit trying to ruin peoples name, just because they dared to not bow correctly to you. Go ahead, trace the computer. I dare you. Tell them where all these criminal charges you have filed are. Tell them that you knew two weeks before DC we couldnt film in the capitol and that no legislators were coming. Tell them about the two under cover FBI agents in the Senate theater Bill. Tell them how you changed from a regular room to the biggest suite the Crowne had. Tell them how you told me there wont be any movement and you are going to back out. Tell them the timing in which this suicide message appeared. Neh… won’t do that, now will ya. Tell them how many letters you have written to congress Bill. Tell them who actually wrote them . Tell them who does all your work for you. Tell them why your son won’t associate his company with Lawless. Tell them how you didn’t renember Noah until I told you who he was. Tell them who got Stop the Silence to endorse you. Who got Washington Families United to endorse you. Who got you conference calls with media. Tell them how you forgoymt to copywrite Lawless and asked me what to do. Tell them how you have tens of thousands of unanswered emails. Tell them who did what Bill. I do dare you to sue me and file charges on me. I cannot wait. I will expose the real corruption within Lawless America gladly, and not on faacebook to a bunch of people who believe in you. I hope you do go to the cops, but I know you won’t because they already know you well. You are the sick one, for not giving a shit about these peoples stories unless it is good PR for you. You are good at talking sweet but suck at covering your tracks. Bring it on Mr. Windsor, we will see where that suicide message came from and we will blow you wide open for all your lies and using these folks vulnerabilities to your advantage. I am not your average lemming and lying about me to publicly and maliciously discredit my name was a big mistake.” [A true and correct copy of this message is attached as Exhibit 531.]
    8. 191.  When you compare several of Overstreet’s Posts, it seems to show that her strategy with this death notice scam is to claim that the Plaintiff posted knowingly false information.
    9. 192.  Overstreet has posted a harassing, libelous, slanderous Facebook post in which she says Windsor is a liar and “make[s] shit up.
    10. 195.  Overstreet has posted a harassing, libelous, slanderous Facebook post in which she says the Plaintiff duped people.
    11. 197.  Overstreet has posted a harassing, damaging Facebook posting in which she encouraged people to leave Lawless America.
  4. These, and other paragraphs in the VERIFIED COMPLAINT, are all matters that DEFEDANT ALLIE LORAINE YAGER OVERSTREET has sufficient knowledge and information to answer.


Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a liar. Another All lie.

YouTube logo

Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a liar.  Another All lie.

On or about May 10, 2013, Allie Overstreet posted this.  She claims the court transcript will show that I am a liar.  Bull shit.  I have the recording of the hearing, and I will post it for all to hear once I return to Georgia to retrieve it.

Allie Overstreet is a serial liar.  It’s one lie after another.


Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that people posting about her need to quit lying. Another All lie.

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Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that people posting about her need to quit lying.  Another All lie.

Every word that I have published or said is true.  Allie Overstreet simply continues to lie.  At this point, I guess she can’t even tell the truth because so much of what she has said is totally false.  How would one change their story after lying so much?


Allie Overstreet continues cyberstalking Bill Windsor by creating a new Facebook identity – Allie Gate – and posting negative comments.


Allie Overstreet continues cyberstalking Bill Windsor by creating a new Facebook identity – Allie Gate – and posting negative comments.

Allie Overstreet has been served with numerous cease and desist notices about her cyberstalking and harassment, but she just continues to do so.




The High Cost of Fighting Injustice and trying to help Save America: Bill Windsor has lost almost everything


The High Cost of Fighting Injustice and trying to help Save America: Bill Windsor has lost almost everything.  Allie Overstreet was a significant contributor to Bill’s losses.

The cost of battling injustice and trying to help save America is extremely high.  Bill Windsor has now lost almost everything.

But you know what they say:  Never get in a fight with someone who has nothing to lose.  All the dishonest and corrupt people should know that nothing will stop me in my efforts to get them all indicted, arrested, imprisoned, disgraced, impeached, and bankrupted…

When I started battling corruption, I anticipated that judges would try to hurt me.  I never dreamed their corruption, dishonesty, and vengeance would be so strong.  I knew the corrupt attorneys would just be more corrupt once they realized the judges would let them get away with anything, and they have been brazen.

The corrupt judges and corrupt attorneys stole all my money.  One of the most corrupt judges, federal Judge William S. Duffey, even awarded a $4.5 million contempt sanction against me (while I was on Lawless America Movie Road Trip I) for not paying sanctions (that should have never been awarded) that he knew I could not pay.  Judge William S. Duffey forced my sweet, non-party wife to produce her financial and medical records in a non-existent lawsuit that was created to steal money from me.  Judge William S. Duffey forced her to appear in court where he terrorized her.

According to one report, there may have been a plot to have me killed.  I haven’t been killed, but others have died.  Nancy Schaffer, Bill Bowen, and many others with profiles both high and low.

I’ve received a lot of threats — mainly from people who I feel are mentally ill.  Most of the threats, stalkers, libelers, slanderers, and defamers are friends or associates of dishonest women who I have discovered in this project.  I didn’t anticipate going into this that I would be dealing with such sad, sick people.

I receive all types of sick and/or threatening emails. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it — This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it — and other sick email addresses.  Then there’s the content of the emails.  Every nasty word I’ve ever heard and a few new ones.  I’ve been accused of things such as being a pedophile, a pedophile lover, a scam artist, a criminal, a person who has committed all types of crimes.  I’ve been accused of having sex in hot tubs with women who have assisted me as well as sex with animals.  The lies are totally outrageous, but many sad people don’t have the sense to realize they are lies or at least question them.

I’ve never shot anything but cans, bottles, and targets.  I owned a gun for a few years in the 1980s, but that was it until recently.  I bought a gun because I now fear all the crazy people out there, and because I wanted to buy one before the government does something to stop our access to guns in gross violation of our Constitutional rights.  I bought the gun for protection.  I am totally non-violent, but I will not hesitate to use the gun if I need to use it for protection.

I have people like Sean B**shie threatening my family and me.  This sick person, Sean B**shie, who others feel may be working for the government, has posted guns, knives, and mass murderer photos on my websites.  Sean B**shie has made many “veiled threats,” and he has threatened to shoot me when I come to Missoula Montana.  He has sent emails and certified letters to my wife and son claiming he was going to sue them for their participation in Lawless America (participation that he has been told does not exist).

A lot of warped people claim they are suing me.  No one has any basis to sue me, but that doesn’t stop mentally ill people from making wild claims.

One serial liar did file a criminal action against me.  Many of the lies of Allie Overstreet have been exposed on this website.

I have now filed a civil action against Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, Brenda Williamson, and 1,000 as-yet-unnamed Jane and John Does.  My damages are certainly mounting!

There are some people who, in my opinion, are truly nuts, like Brannon Bridge, Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Shannon Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, and others with the so-called American Mothers Political Party (“AMPP”).  AMPP actually promoted for all six or seven of their followers to watch the movie “Kill Bill.”  Sickos have produced dozens of videos attacking me.  They don’t have a valid reason to attack me; I believe they just do it because it gives these sick people with no life something to do.

It’s Day 319 for Lawless America…The Movie, and it is Day 15,279 of my marriage.  The count will continue on the movie, but it is stopping on the marriage.  My wife and family are literally SCARED, REALLY REALLY SCARED.  My family gave me an ultimatum:  Stop your efforts with Lawless America, or lose your family.  I told them I would not allow my family to tell me what I can and cannot choose to do.  So, my wife has just confirmed that she is filing for divorce, and my daughter will not even let me see or speak with my granddaughters.

My wife and I have been together for 44 years.  We have never had a serious problem in our marriage.  But now it’s over because she is so totally afraid of these sick people who have threatened me and her.

I never in a million years thought I would ever be divorced.  The idea never really crossed my mind.  But I will soon be another divorced guy.  Several judges have taken away my parental rights, not in the traditional corrupt children and family court sense, but by stealing everything I owned, scaring and terrorizing my wife, and causing my children to fear for their safety.

I am mentally making plans to relocate away from Georgia so my former family will perhaps feel a little safer.

Needless to say, I am sick over this.  There’s no changing it.  So I have to just get on with my mission.  And to the slimeballs out there who will be delighted with this news, I advise them to remember that you should never get in a fight with someone who has nothing to lose.  I no longer have anything to lose.  So, I will go after each and every one of the crooks and sickos with everything I’ve got.  I would hate to lose my family and have little to show for it in the end.

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Allie Overstreet continues cyberstalking Bill Windsor by posting on Facebook that he is dishonest

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Allie Overstreet continues cyberstalking Bill Windsor by posting on Facebook that he is dishonest.

I am not dishonest.  I believe everything that I have said about Allie Overstreet is true.  I spoke the absolute truth in the courtroom and on reports and videos thereafter.

Allie Overstreet aka Lori Overstreet is a serial liar.


Case involving charges against Bill Windsor of Lawless America was dismissed by the judge – Nothing but outrageous lies


Case involving charges against Bill Windsor of Lawless America was dismissed by the judge – Nothing but outrageous lies.

Bill Windsor went to trial in Lexington, Missouri on April 8, 2013 charges by Allie Overstreet (ALL-LIES Overstreet) that he was a would-be serial killer or mass murderer.

The charges would constitute multiple felonies in most states.

Bill Windsor represented himself, and on his motion, Judge John Frerking dismissed the complaint when ALL-LIES could not come up with an iota of evidence.

The charges were a complete total, outrageous lie by ALL-LIES Overstreet.  ALL-LIES swore under penalty of perjury that “William M. Windsor repeatedly published that he had bought a gun to use on a group of people.  I am one of the people.”

I asked again and again for her to produce proof of this, and she came up with nothing.  Judge John Frerking finally gave her five minutes to find some proof from somewhere — anywhere.  She had nothing after eight minutes.  I moved to have the charges dismissed, and my motion was granted.

I never had to call a witness, testify myself, or present any evidence.

Mark Supanich was there to lie his a$$ off for ALL-LIES Overstreet.  He’s a real scumbag, in my humble opinion.  The people in the family court area and Washington state and Missouri need to distance themselves from these two.

At the end of the hearing, the judge referred me to the Sheriff about my criminal charges against ALL-LIES Overstreet.  I also have a civil action for libel, slander, defamation, and more against ALL-LIES Overstreet, Mark Supanich, and I may add Brenda Williamson.

HUGE thanks to David, Trish, Laura, and Cynthia for driving many hours from Michigan and Arkansas to support me and testify.  And special thanks to attorney Kelly Rose, the attorney for the biological father of ALL-LIES Overstreet’s daughter who sat right behind me in the courtroom.  ALL-LIES asked the judge to exclude her from the courtroom, but he said no.  She apparently didn’t like the idea of her adversary observing her lie repeatedly again under oath.  It seemed like Kelly’s presence unnerved ALL-LIES and could have changed her game plan.  If she falsified some documents to use, Kelly may have given her a change of “heart.”

ALL-LIES looked to me like she was going to puke the whole time she was in the courtroom.  I didn’t get a look at her face when the judge directed me to present my criminal charges to the Sheriff, but she sure vanished from the courtroom quickly.

I assured the judge that ALL-LIES Overstreet will be the star of one of my films.  If I said it once to the judge today, I bet I said ten times that “Ms. Overstreet is a pathological liar.”  I fully expect the claims she made to me on camera about the father of her daughter were all false.  HE has custody.  HE passed a polygraph.  SHE has proven herself to be a pathological liar.

I have recorded a video, and I will post it soon.

To see photos from today, go to the Lawless America Facebook Photo Album.

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