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Bill Windsor reports from the Windsor v. Allie Overstreet Hearing in Lexington Missouri


Bill Windsor reports from the Windsor v. Allie Overstreet Hearing in Lexington Missouri.

Video Report of Bill Windsor from the Lafayette County Courthouse in Lexington Missouri.


Case involving charges against Bill Windsor of Lawless America was dismissed by the judge – Nothing but outrageous lies


Case involving charges against Bill Windsor of Lawless America was dismissed by the judge – Nothing but outrageous lies.

Bill Windsor went to trial in Lexington, Missouri on April 8, 2013 charges by Allie Overstreet (ALL-LIES Overstreet) that he was a would-be serial killer or mass murderer.

The charges would constitute multiple felonies in most states.

Bill Windsor represented himself, and on his motion, Judge John Frerking dismissed the complaint when ALL-LIES could not come up with an iota of evidence.

The charges were a complete total, outrageous lie by ALL-LIES Overstreet.  ALL-LIES swore under penalty of perjury that “William M. Windsor repeatedly published that he had bought a gun to use on a group of people.  I am one of the people.”

I asked again and again for her to produce proof of this, and she came up with nothing.  Judge John Frerking finally gave her five minutes to find some proof from somewhere — anywhere.  She had nothing after eight minutes.  I moved to have the charges dismissed, and my motion was granted.

I never had to call a witness, testify myself, or present any evidence.

Mark Supanich was there to lie his a$$ off for ALL-LIES Overstreet.  He’s a real scumbag, in my humble opinion.  The people in the family court area and Washington state and Missouri need to distance themselves from these two.

At the end of the hearing, the judge referred me to the Sheriff about my criminal charges against ALL-LIES Overstreet.  I also have a civil action for libel, slander, defamation, and more against ALL-LIES Overstreet, Mark Supanich, and I may add Brenda Williamson.

HUGE thanks to David, Trish, Laura, and Cynthia for driving many hours from Michigan and Arkansas to support me and testify.  And special thanks to attorney Kelly Rose, the attorney for the biological father of ALL-LIES Overstreet’s daughter who sat right behind me in the courtroom.  ALL-LIES asked the judge to exclude her from the courtroom, but he said no.  She apparently didn’t like the idea of her adversary observing her lie repeatedly again under oath.  It seemed like Kelly’s presence unnerved ALL-LIES and could have changed her game plan.  If she falsified some documents to use, Kelly may have given her a change of “heart.”

ALL-LIES looked to me like she was going to puke the whole time she was in the courtroom.  I didn’t get a look at her face when the judge directed me to present my criminal charges to the Sheriff, but she sure vanished from the courtroom quickly.

I assured the judge that ALL-LIES Overstreet will be the star of one of my films.  If I said it once to the judge today, I bet I said ten times that “Ms. Overstreet is a pathological liar.”  I fully expect the claims she made to me on camera about the father of her daughter were all false.  HE has custody.  HE passed a polygraph.  SHE has proven herself to be a pathological liar.

I have recorded a video, and I will post it soon.

To see photos from today, go to the Lawless America Facebook Photo Album.

This article originally appeared at www.LawlessAmerica.com.



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2013-04-08-Missouri-Lexington-Overstreet-Hearing-Lafayette-Hall-Courtroom-B (2)-640w



Bill Windsor of Lawless America will stand trial on April 8, 2013 in Lexington, Missouri — leaving Atlanta on April 6

Courtroom Gavel

Bill Windsor of Lawless America will stand trial on April 8, 2013 in Lexington, Missouri — leaving Atlanta on April 6.

Bill Windsor of Lawless America heads for Lexington, Missouri on April 6 for the April 8, 2013 trial on charges that he is a would-be Serial Killer and/or Mass Murderer.

My Motion for Continuance to obtain discovery was denied.  My Motion to Vacate the Order of Protection was denied.  My Motion to Film the proceedings was denied.  My Request for a Jury Trial was denied.  Other than that, I’m doing great.

There’s a strong odor coming from Missouri….

I have been accused of buying a gun to use on a group of people.  There’s also a report that a judge in Santa Clara California says I have threatened many people with a gun and I am a terrorist.  The judge apparently read about it in Allie Overstreet’s petition.

The “trial” of Bill Windsor is set for 1 pm on April 8, 2013 in Lafayette Hall, 1001 Main Street, Lexington, Missouri before Judge John Frerking.

I will be available by telephone at 770-578-1094 from 10 am to 5 pm on April 6 and 7 as I drive.  So if you need to speak with me, here’s your chance.  If there’s no answer, please call back as that will mean I am on the phone with someone else.

I received an anonymous email tonight from KillBill@yahoo.com — same IP address of Sean B**shie.  Sean B**shie has posted a message saying he will be at the Missouri hearing as Alley’s bodyguard.  Here’s the message: “Bite me you fat fuck!!!! You are a worthles spineless coward who only has the balls to attack a woman. Come after me and see how much fun you have. Did I mention, fuck you asshole??”

I also received a message from someone I know tonight saying that they have information that will cause me to fear for my safety.  I was told this information needs to be communicated to the police.  I will be speaking with folks about this tomorrow.

Just another normal day for me………..

The case is # 13LF-CV00289 in the Circuit Court, 15th Judicial Circuit, Lafayette County, Missouri.

In response to the complaint filed against him by Allie L. Overstreet, Bill Windsor has filed a Petition for a Protective Order against Allie L. Overstreet.

Bill Windsor has also filed these procedural motions:

Request for Jury Trial

Motion for Accelerated Discovery

Motion for Recording in Courtroom

Motion for Court Reporter

Complaint for Damages against Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, and John Does

Bill Windsor is headed for the Lexington, Missouri area on April 6, 2013.  It’s an 800-mile trip from Atlanta, and he will take two days.

Once in Missouri, Bill Windsor will be meeting with witnesses, doing some filming, and preparing for trial.

Bill Windsor will be representing himself.  When asked about this decision, Windsor said: “I’ve never met an attorney who I felt could do a better job than I can.  And I work for free.  Furthermore, I’m honest; I care; and I will work as long and as hard as needed to be fully-prepared.  When you get right down to it, I have no respect for attorneys.  It’s a profession that often requires dishonesty.”

Bill Windsor sends his thanks to the many people who have sent affidavits to be presented to the court.  “I’ve received approximately 100 so far.  Six people have confirmed that they are coming to the hearing in Lexington, Missouri.  If you can, Meet Me in Missouri.”

Windsor will be sending out news releases to all the media in Missouri.  Maybe some of them will show up to cover the “trial” of a grandpa falsely and maliciously accused of being a would-be serial killer.


Allie Overstreet has filed a criminal complaint in Missouri claiming that Bill Windsor “has bought a gun for use on a group of people.” Allie Overstreet says I have “repeatedly” published this on the website.

This is a first in my 64 1/2 years.  At 10 pm on March 20, 2013, a sheriff appeared at our front door.

I was served with an Adult Abuse/Stalking Ex Parte Order of Protection.

I guess I am being accused of being a serial killer-to-be.  My accuser is a serial liar.

Here is the documentation that I was given.

This is the first time I have ever had the police come to see me or indicate that I might have ever done anything illegal (other than traffic tickets) in my entire life.  I have never been arrested, charged with, or convicted of a crime.  I have never been in a jail or prison except as a visitor.  I haven’t even had a traffic ticket or parking ticket in over 12 years.  And I have never, ever bought a gun to be used on anyone.

Allie Overstreet has made one lie after another under penalty of perjury.

The complaint against me is attached.  I have heard that Sean B**shie (my original stalker) is planning to be there to testify for Allie.  Two or more liars against one honest man can be devastating.  I don’t know that anyone will come to be there to testify for me, so I thought affidavits would be the next best thing.   If you want to provide an affidavit, please email me at nobodies@att.net. I will be leaving for Missouri as early as April 2, so please contact me ASAP.

If you are anywhere near Lexington, Missouri on Monday April 8, 2013 at 1 pm, please join me in Courtroom B of the Circuit Court of Lafayette County.  I promise an exciting hearing.  I will be available the evening of the 8th and all day the 9th to film anyone who wants to come to be filmed.  Unless I get sent to the big house.

Here is the Criminal Complaint that I filed against Allie Overstreet on March 12, 2013.  I filed a police complaint against her with Officer Denson in Cobb County Georgia on February 15, 2013.

Here is the Verified Complaint against Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, and John Does that was sent to Missouri for approval for filing earlier this week.

If you haven’t read about Allie Overstreet, you may want to read these articles:

Allie Overstreet and her friends are not permitted to read this website.  This article is not abuse, a threaten to abuse, stalk, molest or disturb the peace of Allie Overstreet.  I am simply a member of the press reporting what has happened to me.

This article originally appeared on www.LawlessAmerica.com