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Allie Overstreet files outrageously false police report in attempt to get Bill Windsor arrested

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Allie Overstreet filed an outrageously false police report in an attempt to get Bill Windsor arrested.

This report was filed on March 15, 2013, but I just obtained a copy today.  When time permits, I will count the outrageous lies in this.  Virtually none of it is true.  I will do a sentence-by-sentence analysis with evidence cited.


According to Allie Overstreet, I am part of a giant cult, have a massive plan to take over the government and kill all government employees and judges that don’t agree with me. And that’s just for starters. I have never read so many outrageous lies in one document in my life.

This document makes me feel that Allie Overstreet is seriously mentally ill.  I will file a motion with the court to try to have her admitted or sent for a psych evaluation.

Un******* believable.


To reach Bill Windsor and Lawless America, email nobodies@att.net



Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a liar. Another All lie.

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Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a liar.  Another All lie.

On or about May 10, 2013, Allie Overstreet posted this.  She claims the court transcript will show that I am a liar.  Bull shit.  I have the recording of the hearing, and I will post it for all to hear once I return to Georgia to retrieve it.

Allie Overstreet is a serial liar.  It’s one lie after another.


Allie Overstreet lies, slanders, and libels Bill Windsor and Lawless America

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On February 24, 2013, Bill Windsor first reported that Allie Overstreet was the latest to lie, slander, and libel Bill Windsor and Lawless America.  This article appeared on www.LawlessAmerica.com.

Sadly, Allie had become someone who I thought I could trust, and I asked others to trust her, too.  I was sooo wrong.

Someone sent me a false, malicious message in the name of Brenda Williamson, a mother who was filmed for the movie, indicating that her son (also filmed) was dead.  I believe it was Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet (known to those outside Facebook as Lori Overstreet).  I know that Allie has been posting one lie after another about me.

I know this may come as a shock to those of you who met Allie through Lawless America.  It was certainly a shock to me.  It is also a shock to me to find Mark Supanich making repeated false statements, and he is apparently now slandering me to others.  Allie became Mark’s new girlfriend at Meet Me in DC.

I stayed up all Saturday night to put this together.  It’s very, very long.  Read it all if you like grit.  But the bottom line is that those working with Lawless America need to know that Allie Overstreet has proven to be a serial liar, and she is now apparently hell-bent on destroying Lawless America and me.  All she has to work with are her lies and the lies of her new strange bedfellows, but she plans to be workin’ those lies.  Mark Supanich is spreading the false information that Allie feeds him, and he has refused to acknowledge the lies.  In my book, Mark went from champ to chump.

I gave Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich the opportunity to reply to an email that they received from me yesterday to indicate if their Facebook pages and email accounts had been taken over by someone who was posting such lies.  Each of them responded but did not claim that anyone had hacked their accounts and was posting using their identities.  (I blind copied several Lawless America State Chairmen and a few others so I would have proof that the email was sent.)  They did not offer a defense for the lies and false information.

Even if it was someone other than Allie who sent the bogus death notice (or someone conspiring with her), it doesn’t really matter.  Allie Overstreet immediately posted absolutely false information that she knew was false.  And she has been lying ever since.

Let me now go to the beginning of this saga.

Click here to read the full article about Allie Overstreet on www.LawlessAmerica.com

To reach Bill Windsor and Lawless America, email nobodies@att.net






Allie Overstreet posts massive lies, defamation, libel, slander, and harassment on Bill Windsor’s Lawless America’s Facebook Page


Allie Overstreet That’s it? This is your big public ousting? A simple trace on the computer that sent that suicide message, would clear things up. Although I doubt that gets posted. Unblocking me so I can watch the train wreck, yet blocking me from commenting to defend myself is a bit juvenile I think.  Tell them, Bill, of the donations receipts. Tell them of the movie and Sundance fiasco. Tell them of the thousands of emails you copied me on. Tell them of the one where you are calling them stupid. Tell them of Homeland Security list Bill, and the filming at the capitol. Tell them how Stacey did send your hard drives back and how you gave permission to use the banner and camera. Tell Dottie what you really think of her. Tell them about Montana and the cops chasing you out of the state. Tell them how many social security numbers you have. Tell them about your database Bill. Tell them about the emails you DONT publish. Tell them about the tv show Bill. Tell them of your bad guy list and why they are on it . Tell them how many times you were in your basement when you you said you were on the road. Tell them about the death threats, or rather, the lack there of. Tell them about the trademark and copywrites Bill. Tell them how you sent me every email you ever sent any of them. Tell them about the meetings with movie agents. Go ahead, tell them. Tell them about your precious spreadsheets with all their personal info Bill. And while you are at it, tell them how to track IP’s and proxy’s, and how you never should have trusted a woman with brains enough to keep everything you ever said. …You have made a grave mistake jerking innocent people around for your own midlife crisis. Haters aren’t causing you to fail, YOU are causing you to fail. Lying about stupid shit trying to ruin peoples name, just because they dared to not bow correctly to you. Go ahead, trace the computer. I dare you. Tell them where all these criminal charges you have filed are. Tell them that you knew two weeks before DC we couldnt film in the capitol and that no legislators were coming. Tell them about the two under cover FBI agents in the Senate theater Bill. Tell them how you changed from a regular room to the biggest suite the Crowne had. Tell them how you told me there wont be any movement and you are going to back out. Tell them the timing in which this suicide message appeared. Neh…..you won’t do that, now will ya. Tell them how many letters you have written to congress Bill. Tell them who actually wrote them . Tell them who does all your work for you. Tell them why your son won’t associate his company with Lawless. Tell them how you didn’t renember Noah until I told you who he was. Tell them who got Stop the Silence to endorse you. Who got Washington Families United to endorse you. Who got you conference calls with media. Tell them how you forgoymt to copywrite Lawless and asked me what to do. Tell them how you have tens of thousands of unanswered emails. Tell them who did what Bill. I do dare you to sue me and file charges on me. I cannot wait. I will expose the real corruption within Lawless America gladly, and not on faacebook to a bunch of people who believe in you. I hope you do go to the cops, but I know you won’t because they already know you well. You are the sick one, for not giving a shit about these peoples stories unless it is good PR for you. You are good at talking sweet but suck at covering your tracks. Bring it on Mr. Windsor, we will see where that suicide message came from and we will blow you wide open for all your lies and using these folks vulnerabilities to your advantage. I am not your average lemming and lying about me to publicly and maliciously discredit my name was a big mistake.

Wow, what a sweetheart.

Here’s my response:  This is an outrage.

As to specifics, Allie Overstreet conveniently fails to acknowledge that she is a pathological liar, and that in the previous 24 hours, her lies were proven again and again and again.

  1. Trace on a computer.  We’d have to first find that computer and then try to get access to it before the perpetrator gets rid of it.  The real issue here is that it was a lie; all fingers point at Allie Overstreet as a liar about issues surrounding the note.  Allie Overstreet is a liar.
  2. Allie was blocked from commenting — another lie.  The above post is still on the Lawless America Facebook page for all to see.
  3. Donations receipts.  This implies some sort of wrongdoing, but there is none.  We began issuing donation receipts in DC.  We will be issuing them to everyone who donated for whom we have a record.
  4. Movie and Sundance fiasco.  No such things.  How utterly slanderous.  Nothing whatsoever has changed regarding the movie.  Sundance is January 2014, and that is where we hope to premiere the movie.  The American Mothers Political Party allegedly conducted a letter-writing campaign to keep us out, but I believe that works to our favor as it creates awareness of us.  We currently have one firm, written contract in hand.  I have an interview in Dallas on March 6 for a reality television show that will have 20 documentary filmmakers competing for the funding for their movie.  I made the decision with input from those filmed for the movie that I should let that opportunity play out before signing anywhere else.  I met with a film company in Los Angeles, and I hope that meeting will lead to a special introduction to a top documentary film company.  I process film to video virtually all day every day on a dedicated computer.
  5. Thousands of emails I copied Allie Overstreet on.  I have no idea how many she was copied on, so I say she was copied on as many as she can produce.  I doubt there were thousands, but I don’t have a clue.  I’d guess maybe a few hundred.
  6. Tell them of the one (email) where I call them stupid.  I don’t know who “them” is, but if I ever called anyone stupid, it was either my sincere opinon or something said in frustration over something that I felt at that moment in time was really stupid.  This post of Allie’s is like junior high silliness.
  7. Homeland Security list.  According to Allie, Homeland Security wanted a list of people who might want to be disruptive of our mission and our event. I prepared the list from names sent to me by Allie and many others throughout the course of the last several years.  I forwarded the cleaned up Excel file to Allie Overstreet, and I believe she provided it to law enforcement and Homeland Security.  The file is confidential, but it includes the names of members of the American Mothers Political Party, WTP, and people who had posted father hate, mother hate, racial hate, etc. on www.LawlessAmerica.com or Facebook.  As a regular practice, Facebook names had to be entered into Facebook and blocked, and email addresses had to be entered into the mail program we use to block emails to those folks, so I used an Excel spreadsheet to maintain the records of to do’s and then “dones.”
  8. Filming at the Capitol.  Other groups have been allowed to film at the Capitol, but we were denied that right.  This was openly discussed prior to Meet Me in DC and at the event in a webcast.  We arranged our filmed event to be in the hotel ballroom, and it was filmed.  We tried to get permission to film at the Capitol up until an hour or two prior to the speeches there.  We were denied.  We didn’t even get the large rooms until a few days before the event, so we had to change our schedule to accommodate.  Allie was in charge of all of this.
  9. Stacy and hard drives.  Yes, Stacy did return two hard drives a month afer I requested them.  She failed to return them by the drop-dead date for DC.  She sent them without the requirement for  signature at a time when both my wife and I were out of town and our gate was locked.  A neighbor ultimately brought them over.
  10. Permission to use the banner and the camera.  I have no idea what this is about.  I was loaned the Crime Scene banner by Tonja Brown.  I made it available everytime someone wanted to display it and had the manpower.  There are multiple cameras, and no one was given permission to use them except inside the hotel in DC.
  11. Dottie.  I love her with all my heart.  That’s what I think of her.  She is honest and wonderfully loyal.  She has become a dear friend.  She has a limited grasp of technology stuff as she readily acknowledges.  How incredibly rude to try to create a problem with this wonderful lady!
  12. Montana and the cops chasing me out of the state.  That never happened.  We believe the police were called when three of us were on a public sidewalk filming what I felt was animal cruelty.  The video that I have clearly shows we did not go past the posted keep out signs.  How stupid would that have been.  But Montana is the wild west, so we didn’t stick around to see what would happen if they showed up.  I joked about it, but no one chased me…at least that I know of.
  13. Social security numbers.  I have one.  I have never had more than one.  No one that I am aware of has ever claimed to the contrary, and anyone who would say anything like that is just a wacko.
  14. Database.  We have several large databases.  There’s not much to say except that volunteers have not proven to be much help updating and supplementing them.  Our confidential database of people in the movie was taken by a former volunteer and provided to others.  That has been well-publicized.  Now Allie has the confidential databases, so we may be in for more of the same.
  15. Emails I don’t publish.  Well, I don’t usually publish emails that I receive.  I don’t know of many people who do.
  16. TV Show.  Nothing new to report.  See #4.  I have a contract proposal from an agent for a TV series.  The film producer who I met with in Los Angeles said he feels the project is ideal for a television series.  One agent advised me that Court TV expressed interest.  All of this has previously been reported publicly.
  17. Bad Guy list.  See #7.  That’s the only list there is other than Do Not Send email database and Blocked List in Facebook.
  18. How many times I was in my basement when I said I was on the road.  Never.  I was in my basement some of the time when I went “off the grid.”  I went “off the grid” so no one would know where I was so I could ensure that the Congressional Testimony film was converted to video and made available to Congress.  This was all publicized.  We have thousands of witnesses, photographs, and film that establishes where I was and when.  These sick people will say anything to have an imaginary issue to be discussed by their others.
  19. Death Threats or lack thereof.  I have published articles about each of the death threats at www.LawlessAmerica.com.  There have been three significant death threats plus the American Mothers Political Party encouraging their members to rent and watch “Kill Bill.”  All four of these are documented.  Three of the four have been reported to the police, and the American Mothers Political Party is ready to be reported.
  20. Trademark and Copyrights.  We have served the required notice on everything published, and we have done all that we need to do to ensure our trademark rights.  We have trademarks in place that our legal counsel says should provide full protection for Lawless America.  Every film clip has a clear copyright notice.  I’ve handled copyrights and trademarks regularly for 30+ years.
  21. Every email ever sent was sent to Allie.  Totally false.  And Allie has only been around for a few months.  My first email with Allie regarding Lawless America work appears to be on November 30, 2012.  So, she was only involved for 81 days.  Lawless America began in 2007.
  22. Meetings with Movie Agents.  See #4.  The first meeting was in Hollywood when I was there to film.  A half dozen people were in the room during the meeting, people either waiting to be filmed or watching others after they were filmed.  The second meeting was a teleconference while I was in Los Angeles to meet with a film company, an appointment set by one of our victims who is an actress.  The third meeting was with that film company.  The fourth meeting was with an agent in Atlanta.  This has all been previously publicized.
  23. Precious spreadsheets.  See #14.
  24. How to track IP’s and proxy’s.  IP addresses are contained in email headers.  With Outlook 2010, copen an email, and click File – Properties, and the Internet Headers window displays.  The IPs are in there.  Our software tracks IPs of people who post comments on LawlessAmerica.com.  There are a lot of online services that can then take the IP address and trace it to a location, perhaps right to somenone’s house.  I don’t know anything about tracking proxy’s.
  25. Should have never trusted a woman with brains.  Brains are great.  I wish I had never trusted people who I didn’t realize were liars or vindictive or criminals.  All I can do is the best I can do.
  26. Lying about stupid shit.  Since I began battling government and judicial corruption in 2006, I have never knowlingly made a false statement.
  27. Criminal charges filed.  Criminal charges have been filed in Missoula Montana, Atlanta Georgia, Ellis County Texas, and Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania.  I have been trying for weeks to find the time to finish my big set of charges.  I hope I may be able to get that done tomorrow.  I will fax charges to the FBI tomorrow as I said I would.
  28. What I knew about filming in DC three weeks prior.  I knew nothing.  And it’s really irrelevant, as the articles with the agenda show that filming at the Capitol was never planned or announced.  I always want to film anything possible, but this is a non-issue.  See #8.
  29. No legislators were coming.  I always made it clear that I didn’t expect any of them to show up.  I am surprised that so many did for meetings with our folks.  TalkShoe recordings make this quite clear.
  30. Two undercoiver FBI agents in the Senate theater.  There were two men in the top row wearing skull caps with little earphones.  I believed they were Secret Service, and one in our group says he asked, and they said they were Secret Service.  I published photos of them on Facebook.
  31. Largest Suite at the Crowne Plaza.  No, I did not change to anything, and I was not in a large suite.  I had the same style room used throughout the movie road trip, a room with a small adjoining “living room” that could be used for filming.  We filmed there two days.  My rate was $165.
  32. There won’t be any movement.  There’s a movement.  I expressed frustration once or twice with volunteers failing to do things.  When I blocked Allie, I said that she would not be part of the ongoing efforts.  I said “we won’t be….”  I should have capitalized WE to make it clear what I was saying that she was no longer going to be involved.  I have regularly said that this is an impossible task.  I’ve recorded videos with that in it on several occasions.  It remains an impossible task.
  33. Timing in which this suicide message appeared.  I saw it at approximately 12:30 am on February 22, 2013.
  34. How many letters I have written to Congress and who wrote them.  I can recall six letters times 535 copies each.  Each was mail-merged to be personally-addressed.  I wrote all of the letters.  On the cover letter for the DVD’s, Sharon Kramer drafted a letter and emailed it to me.  I tweaked it.
  35. Who does all of my work for me.  I do.  There is no one else other than remotely-located volunteers.
  36. Why my son won’t associate his company with Lawless America.  My son has a travel business, and I don’t believe his business associates with any causes.  My son attended several days of filming.  We are very close.  He and all of my family are afraid for me and for themselves because of the government and crazy people.
  37. Didn’t remember XXXXXX until Allie told me.  Outrageous lie by Allie.  I know exactly who he is and his story, and Allie and I never discussed that I didn’t know who he was.  I believe I only spoke with Allie perhaps three times on the phone, so emails and Facebook messages document just about everything.
  38. Stop Silence Endorsement.  Allie got this.  Then I believe they backed out because of all the haters.  I’ve never heard anything from them.
  39. Washington Familes United Endorsement.  If we had one, I guess I got it as I dealt with Mark.
  40. Who got me conference calls with the media.  No one.  I don’t recall ever having had one.
  41. Forgot to copyright Lawless and asked Allie what to do.  Absolutely false and even more ridiculous.  See #20.
  42. Tens of thousands of unanswered emails.  Absolutely true!  I have publicized this extensively.  I am the only guy.  I do what I can working over 100 hours a week.  We have no money.
  43. Who did what.  I have done most things.  Allie did relatively little; she handled Facebook messages for a few months.  She made some arrangements for Meet Me in DC, though I handled everything with the hotel.  We have had a number of volunteers who provide invaluable assistance.  Dottie and MaryAnn Lubas have been especially important.
  44. I dare you to sue me and file charges.  Only too happy to oblige.
  45. The real corruption in Lawless.  Ridiculous.  There is no corruption.  What a sick, sick woman.
  46. Cops.  I have already been to the law enforcement folks here.  They don’t know me. I have never been arrested, never charged with a crime, never been in jail, never even had a parking ticket or speeding ticket in over a decade.
  47. Not giving a shit about people’s stories unless it is good PR for me.  How pathetic.  I care deeply about the people’s stories.  I have gotten so little “PR” as to render it meaningless.  I have expressed again and again how I care.
  48. Suck at covering my tracks.  I bet I do because I don’t need to cover any tracks.
  49. See where the suicide message came from and blow you wide open for all your lies.  If this is to imply that I sent the message, that is ridiculously false.  See #26.
  50. Using folks vulnerabilities to my advantage.  How utterly ridiculous and pathetic.
  51. Not your average lemming.  I would agree.  Allie Overstreet is below average as a lemming but off the chart as a liar, slander, libeler, and vindictive stalker.
  52. Lying about me to publicly and maliciously discredit my name was a big mistake.  I have never lied about Allie Overstreet.  See #26.  Allie needs to be completely and totally discredited.  I believe I will have to rank Allie Overstreet as one of the most despicable people I have ever encountered personally.

This stuff from Allie Overstreet is garbage.  It all sounds like things she read on Joeyisalittle kid blog that she has been obsessed with.  The Joeys just make stuff up.  They lie.  She is now part of that group…a group whose sole purpose appears to be to try to destroy Lawless America and me. In fact, all they do is amuse each other and Allie Overstreet.

Allie Overstreet has posted a harassing, libelous, slanderous Facebook post in which she says I post things that I know are false…and that I have lost my mind.  This is absolutely false.  I have never posted anything that I felt was false, and I haven’t lost my mind.  But when you compare several of Allie’s Posts, it starts to show that her strategy with this death notice scam is to claim I posted knowingly false information.  It is also interesting that in her first post about the death notice she said that the mother didn’t send the notice, not did she.  Now why would she need to say anything like that?  It sounds to me like the words of a person who set up the scam.

Allie Overstreet has posted a harassing, libelous, slanderous Facebook post in which she says I am a liar and “make shit up.”  I have never lied about a thing.  I have never made “shit” or anything else up.

Allie Overstreet has posted a harassing, libelous, slanderous facebook post in which she says I duped peopleI have never duped anyone.

Allie Overstreet has posted a harassing, damaging Facebook posting in which she encourages people to leave Lawless America.