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Allie Overstreet lies, slanders, and libels Bill Windsor and Lawless America

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On February 24, 2013, Bill Windsor first reported that Allie Overstreet was the latest to lie, slander, and libel Bill Windsor and Lawless America.  This article appeared on www.LawlessAmerica.com.

Sadly, Allie had become someone who I thought I could trust, and I asked others to trust her, too.  I was sooo wrong.

Someone sent me a false, malicious message in the name of Brenda Williamson, a mother who was filmed for the movie, indicating that her son (also filmed) was dead.  I believe it was Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet (known to those outside Facebook as Lori Overstreet).  I know that Allie has been posting one lie after another about me.

I know this may come as a shock to those of you who met Allie through Lawless America.  It was certainly a shock to me.  It is also a shock to me to find Mark Supanich making repeated false statements, and he is apparently now slandering me to others.  Allie became Mark’s new girlfriend at Meet Me in DC.

I stayed up all Saturday night to put this together.  It’s very, very long.  Read it all if you like grit.  But the bottom line is that those working with Lawless America need to know that Allie Overstreet has proven to be a serial liar, and she is now apparently hell-bent on destroying Lawless America and me.  All she has to work with are her lies and the lies of her new strange bedfellows, but she plans to be workin’ those lies.  Mark Supanich is spreading the false information that Allie feeds him, and he has refused to acknowledge the lies.  In my book, Mark went from champ to chump.

I gave Allie Overstreet and Mark Supanich the opportunity to reply to an email that they received from me yesterday to indicate if their Facebook pages and email accounts had been taken over by someone who was posting such lies.  Each of them responded but did not claim that anyone had hacked their accounts and was posting using their identities.  (I blind copied several Lawless America State Chairmen and a few others so I would have proof that the email was sent.)  They did not offer a defense for the lies and false information.

Even if it was someone other than Allie who sent the bogus death notice (or someone conspiring with her), it doesn’t really matter.  Allie Overstreet immediately posted absolutely false information that she knew was false.  And she has been lying ever since.

Let me now go to the beginning of this saga.

Click here to read the full article about Allie Overstreet on www.LawlessAmerica.com

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