Allie Overstreet and her attorney, Weasel Curly, lose in federal court to Bill Windsor


Allie Overstreet and her attorney, Weasel Curly, lose in federal court to Bill Windsor.

I’d like to thank one of my haters for providing me with copies of court orders issued on September 16, 2013 in the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Two federal judges issued orders that confirm that outrageous attempts to remove the case of Windsor v. Overstreet from Lafayette County Missouri court to federal court were nothing short of outrageous. I think it is safe to say that the federal judges in the Western District of Missouri are not part of the criminal racketeering enterprise composed of at least the federal judges in Georgia and DC. Thank you to apparently-honest Judges Gaitan and Whipple.

Weasel Curly was apparently hoping that all federal judges were part of the scheme to commit crimes against me. His only hope was to get the case illegally moved to federal court where it would disappear. But the law is so clear that I said a fifth grader could understand it, and Judge Whipple agreed. So, now things will get extremely hot in Lexington Missouri where Allie Overstreet and Weasel Curly must now face all types of contempt charges, sanctions, and much more.

Windsor: Denial of Injunction

Windsor: Remand Order – Case goes to Missouri State Court where it belonged




Executed Notice to Remove Notice of Electronic Filing-Notice of Removal

Executed Memo in Support of Motion to Reconsider and Revoke

Executed Motion to Reconsider and Revoke

Executed Response to Plf’s Motion to Remand

Executed Suggestions in Support of Def’s Response to Plaintiff’s Mot. to Remand

Exhibit A to Motion to Reconsider and Revoke Exhibit A to Response to Motion to Remand

Exhibit B to Motion to Reconsider and Revoke

Exhibit C to Motion to Reconsider and Revoke

Exhibit D to Motion to Reconsider and Revoke

Notice of Electronic Filing for Defendant’s Response to Plf’s Motion to Remand





4-13-MC-09008-Motion-for-Reconsideration-Reply-2013-08-29-AFFIDAVIT-Certificate-of-Service 4-13-MC-09008-Motion-for-Reconsideration-Reply-2013-08-29-AFFIDAVIT-Exhibit-1









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