Allie Overstreet ceases working for Lawless America

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Allie Overstreet ceases working for Lawless America on February 19, 2013.

Early Tuesday morning, February 19, 2013, I wrote:  “Allie, I will not change a thing that I am doing about the liars and haters. If you and others don’t like it, then politely bow out. I won’t hate you or post your photo. But ever since DC, you have not been at all supportive, in my opinion.”  Allie replied: “Your plan will never work because you refuse to listen to those who want you to succeed.  You view them as enemies if they simply want to help you. You are brilliant Bill.  But you are wrong about this.”

I responded: “Well, Allie. Then the plan didn’t work. The bad guys accomplished exactly what they set out to do. Thank you for all of your help. If I can help you, please email me, but please don’t message me or email me with more of your negativity.  And at that, Allie called it quits.  She messaged: “Sigh. Don’t forget to take me off the state pages. You should probably make an announcement because 20-25 folks contact me daily. And if you use my film please use the edited version. I hope you get what you want accomplished. We are all wanting the same outcome.”

So, Allie ceased to be helping Lawless America as a volunteer on Tuesday, February 19.”  I didn’t block her, ban her, un-friend her, or any such thing.

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