Allie Overstreet seems to become obsessed with hate site

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Allie Overstreet seems to become obsessed with hate site

Meet Me in DC was held February 5-7, 2013, and Allie Overstreet did a very good job helping make some of the arrangements.  After DC, she seemed to become obsessed with the haters at  She just kept sending Facebook messages and emails about it to me.  While she was regularly sending me anything and everything about haters, she wanted me to stop mentioning them.  On February 15, 2013, I sent a Facebook message to Allie Overstreet:

“Allie, I have made it very clear from the very beginning that I will not tolerate liars and slanderers. NOTHING will change that. Your continued messages about this in the last week are aggravating to say the least. If you don’t choose to support me, then I will accept that and wish you the best. If you want to continue to help, find “managers” who will actually do something.”

Allie responded, “huh?”  I replied: “If you are going to continue to be critical of my approach to liars and slanderers, then we are not a good fit.”  Allie’s reply ended with this: “You are defensive these days.  You mistake my messages.”  I responded: “Okay, please just don’t direct me on what to say or not say about liars.  Fair enough?”  Allie sent several responses defending herself, including this: “If you decide I’m worth keeping, I would like a little more clarification of your expectations from me. It is difficult out here guessing where the lines are sometimes. I do love ya, and love what you’re trying to do.”

The next two days brought more of the same from Allie.  I received little but messages about the Joeyisalittlekid hate site and people to block.  This is all quite clear from a review of the Facebook message blog.  At one point, she said most of the new LIKES on Lawless America’s Facebook were fake people.  So I took a few hours that I couldn’t afford to spend, and I checked every new LIKE that I could access.  I clicked on their page link and reviewed the page.  166 of 178 looked fine – many were people I know.  Only 12 were suspect, and I suspect some of those were probably haters trying to regain access to the site.


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