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Allie Overstreet files outrageously false police report in attempt to get Bill Windsor arrested

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Allie Overstreet filed an outrageously false police report in an attempt to get Bill Windsor arrested.

This report was filed on March 15, 2013, but I just obtained a copy today.  When time permits, I will count the outrageous lies in this.  Virtually none of it is true.  I will do a sentence-by-sentence analysis with evidence cited.


According to Allie Overstreet, I am part of a giant cult, have a massive plan to take over the government and kill all government employees and judges that don’t agree with me. And that’s just for starters. I have never read so many outrageous lies in one document in my life.

This document makes me feel that Allie Overstreet is seriously mentally ill.  I will file a motion with the court to try to have her admitted or sent for a psych evaluation.

Un******* believable.


To reach Bill Windsor and Lawless America, email


Friend of Allie Overstreet, Michelle Stilipec, files a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Bill Windsor’s son’s company that is nothing but libel, slander, defamation, lies, threats, and stalking

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Friend of Allie Overstreet, Michelle Stilipec, files a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Bill Windsor’s son’s company that is nothing but libel, slander, defamation, lies, threats, and stalking

Here is a Better Business Bureau complaint that this outrageous cyberstalker has filed against my son’s company, an entity that is not now and never has been involved with my Lawless America project.

Here’s what she filed, filled with libel, defamation, and more:

Online Harassment. They have purchased a website in my name although I have never done business with them. My friends and I have reported the fraudulent business practices of Bill Windsor and his scam company, Lawless America. Bill is the father of Ryan Windsor, the head of Alacatraz Media. As retaliation, Bill is suing and stalking anyone who speaks up, as is our right. On June 4, 2013, using the Alcatraz Media Company name, Bill purchased website domains in the names of his victims, he is now creating horrible websites listing our names, pictures, contact info, pictures of our houses that he himself has stalked us to get, and claims we are criminals who have made slanderous remarks and death threats about him. The intention is to harass us and he claims that he will sue us until we are bankrupt and has indicated that he is doing background checks on us and wants to collect damages us from us to finance his fake company, Lawless America. However the websites themselves were purchased under the name of Alcatraz Media, a company none of us has done business with EVER, unless Lawless America is a scam by the whole family rather than just the father, Bill. Please and thank you for looking into this for us. The proof of this is here:

You can click on the Sean B**shie, or Allie Overstreet website to see that he is using these sites to harass us and says that he is a member of the media and that we are not allowed to read the websites and that if we do that he considers is stalking. Ryan Windsor has told us that Bill is extremely mentally ill and that he left home because they staged a failed intervention. And now Bill is using the family company to stalk and harass us all. Resolution: We don’t want money from this particular issue. We just want to harassing websites taken down. Unfortunately Bill Windsor has been declared a vexatious litigant and is not allowed to sue anyone without first obtaining permission from the court. He is stalking us and harassing us with the desires that we sue him, so that he can have access to the courts and use the courts to stalk us and collect damages. What the lawsuits will amount to and how much the family will be responsible for allowing an extremely mentally ill man to use their company to harass others is up for the courts to decide. We are simply requesting that the BBB be aware that that the company is allowing this abuse and illegal activity. And we thank you for your time if there is anything you can do to help us with this situation.

When time permits, I will set up to expose this woman for the criminal that I believe she is. She’s a friend of Allie Overstreet.


Proof of the fundamental lie in her so-called Complaint; this shows the ownership of the domain that is available to anyone with a simple WHOIS search online:

MICHELLE-STILIPEC-7-9-2013 2-28-52 PM

MICHELLE-STILIPEC-7-9-2013 2-29-29 PM

Here is the Complaint as it appears on the Better Business Bureau – BBB – website:





Welcome to

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Welcome to

This website is an expose of Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet of Higginsville Missouri.

Allie Overstreet is a serial liar.  She will be the subject of a one-hour TV show by Lawless America.  She will also be one of the stars of a new Lawless America movie titled Slanderella.

Bill Windsor has filed criminal charges against Allie Overstreet and a civil lawsuit.

For more information, email


Bill Windsor files Second Request for Production of Documents by Allie Overstreet


Bill Windsor files Second Request for Production of Documents by Allie Overstreet.

Bill Windsor wants to have a forensic examination of Allie Overstreet’s computers and cellphones.  This will identify files that have not been produced or have been deleted.



Plaintiff William M. Windsor (“Windsor”) requests that Defendant Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet (“Overstreet”) produce for inspection and copying on August 5, 2013 at 1:00 pm at Holiday Inn Express Suites, 19901 E Valley View Pky, Independence, MO 64057 (or at such other place as may be agreed upon), the following in the manner required by law.

1.                  Overstreet is to produce all computers, cellphones, iPads, or other electronic devices used by Overstreet in 2011, 2012, and 2013.  The hard drives will be analyzed by Missouri Computer Forensics Associates (“Forensic Analyst”), and copies will be made of data found and recovered.  It may be possible for the Forensic Analyst to conduct some of this work remotely, so Windsor will have the Forensic Analyst contact Overstreet to make the arrangements that will work best for all concerned.

Submitted this 3rd day of July, 2013,


William M. Windsor



William M. Windsor

514 America’s Way #4841

Box Elder, SD 57719-7600


Phone: 770-578-1094

Fax: 770-234-4106


Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a stalker. Another All lie.

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Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a stalker.  Another All lie.

I have never stalked anyone in my life.  I am simply exposing all the criminals who have cyberstalked me by filming stories about what they have done.  I don’t call them, write the, email them, follow them, or post lies about them.

Allie Overstreet is a serial liar.  She seems to be incapable of telling the truth, in my opinion.



Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a liar. Another All lie.

YouTube logo

Allie Overstreet publishes on YouTube that Bill Windsor is a liar.  Another All lie.

On or about May 10, 2013, Allie Overstreet posted this.  She claims the court transcript will show that I am a liar.  Bull shit.  I have the recording of the hearing, and I will post it for all to hear once I return to Georgia to retrieve it.

Allie Overstreet is a serial liar.  It’s one lie after another.


The High Cost of Fighting Injustice and trying to help Save America: Bill Windsor has lost almost everything


The High Cost of Fighting Injustice and trying to help Save America: Bill Windsor has lost almost everything.  Allie Overstreet was a significant contributor to Bill’s losses.

The cost of battling injustice and trying to help save America is extremely high.  Bill Windsor has now lost almost everything.

But you know what they say:  Never get in a fight with someone who has nothing to lose.  All the dishonest and corrupt people should know that nothing will stop me in my efforts to get them all indicted, arrested, imprisoned, disgraced, impeached, and bankrupted…

When I started battling corruption, I anticipated that judges would try to hurt me.  I never dreamed their corruption, dishonesty, and vengeance would be so strong.  I knew the corrupt attorneys would just be more corrupt once they realized the judges would let them get away with anything, and they have been brazen.

The corrupt judges and corrupt attorneys stole all my money.  One of the most corrupt judges, federal Judge William S. Duffey, even awarded a $4.5 million contempt sanction against me (while I was on Lawless America Movie Road Trip I) for not paying sanctions (that should have never been awarded) that he knew I could not pay.  Judge William S. Duffey forced my sweet, non-party wife to produce her financial and medical records in a non-existent lawsuit that was created to steal money from me.  Judge William S. Duffey forced her to appear in court where he terrorized her.

According to one report, there may have been a plot to have me killed.  I haven’t been killed, but others have died.  Nancy Schaffer, Bill Bowen, and many others with profiles both high and low.

I’ve received a lot of threats — mainly from people who I feel are mentally ill.  Most of the threats, stalkers, libelers, slanderers, and defamers are friends or associates of dishonest women who I have discovered in this project.  I didn’t anticipate going into this that I would be dealing with such sad, sick people.

I receive all types of sick and/or threatening emails. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it — This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it — and other sick email addresses.  Then there’s the content of the emails.  Every nasty word I’ve ever heard and a few new ones.  I’ve been accused of things such as being a pedophile, a pedophile lover, a scam artist, a criminal, a person who has committed all types of crimes.  I’ve been accused of having sex in hot tubs with women who have assisted me as well as sex with animals.  The lies are totally outrageous, but many sad people don’t have the sense to realize they are lies or at least question them.

I’ve never shot anything but cans, bottles, and targets.  I owned a gun for a few years in the 1980s, but that was it until recently.  I bought a gun because I now fear all the crazy people out there, and because I wanted to buy one before the government does something to stop our access to guns in gross violation of our Constitutional rights.  I bought the gun for protection.  I am totally non-violent, but I will not hesitate to use the gun if I need to use it for protection.

I have people like Sean B**shie threatening my family and me.  This sick person, Sean B**shie, who others feel may be working for the government, has posted guns, knives, and mass murderer photos on my websites.  Sean B**shie has made many “veiled threats,” and he has threatened to shoot me when I come to Missoula Montana.  He has sent emails and certified letters to my wife and son claiming he was going to sue them for their participation in Lawless America (participation that he has been told does not exist).

A lot of warped people claim they are suing me.  No one has any basis to sue me, but that doesn’t stop mentally ill people from making wild claims.

One serial liar did file a criminal action against me.  Many of the lies of Allie Overstreet have been exposed on this website.

I have now filed a civil action against Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, Brenda Williamson, and 1,000 as-yet-unnamed Jane and John Does.  My damages are certainly mounting!

There are some people who, in my opinion, are truly nuts, like Brannon Bridge, Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Shannon Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, and others with the so-called American Mothers Political Party (“AMPP”).  AMPP actually promoted for all six or seven of their followers to watch the movie “Kill Bill.”  Sickos have produced dozens of videos attacking me.  They don’t have a valid reason to attack me; I believe they just do it because it gives these sick people with no life something to do.

It’s Day 319 for Lawless America…The Movie, and it is Day 15,279 of my marriage.  The count will continue on the movie, but it is stopping on the marriage.  My wife and family are literally SCARED, REALLY REALLY SCARED.  My family gave me an ultimatum:  Stop your efforts with Lawless America, or lose your family.  I told them I would not allow my family to tell me what I can and cannot choose to do.  So, my wife has just confirmed that she is filing for divorce, and my daughter will not even let me see or speak with my granddaughters.

My wife and I have been together for 44 years.  We have never had a serious problem in our marriage.  But now it’s over because she is so totally afraid of these sick people who have threatened me and her.

I never in a million years thought I would ever be divorced.  The idea never really crossed my mind.  But I will soon be another divorced guy.  Several judges have taken away my parental rights, not in the traditional corrupt children and family court sense, but by stealing everything I owned, scaring and terrorizing my wife, and causing my children to fear for their safety.

I am mentally making plans to relocate away from Georgia so my former family will perhaps feel a little safer.

Needless to say, I am sick over this.  There’s no changing it.  So I have to just get on with my mission.  And to the slimeballs out there who will be delighted with this news, I advise them to remember that you should never get in a fight with someone who has nothing to lose.  I no longer have anything to lose.  So, I will go after each and every one of the crooks and sickos with everything I’ve got.  I would hate to lose my family and have little to show for it in the end.

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Allie Overstreet continues cyberstalking Bill Windsor by posting on Facebook that he is dishonest

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Allie Overstreet continues cyberstalking Bill Windsor by posting on Facebook that he is dishonest.

I am not dishonest.  I believe everything that I have said about Allie Overstreet is true.  I spoke the absolute truth in the courtroom and on reports and videos thereafter.

Allie Overstreet aka Lori Overstreet is a serial liar.


Bill Windsor reports by video from Missouri on the crimes committed by Allie Overstreet


Bill Windsor reports by video from Missouri on the crimes committed by Allie Overstreet.

Bill Windsor video report from Lexington Missouri after court appearance against Allie Overstreet.

Bill Windsor was accused of being a would-be serial killer and/or mass murderer by pathological liar Allie Overstreet aka Lori Overstreet and her latest boyfriend, Mark Supanich.  These were outregaous lies, and Allie Overstreet committed a variety of crimes in doing this.

Here’s the video.

After being given every opportunity to come up with one iota of evidence that supported the false sworn claims, Judge John Frerking dismissed the action.

Bill Windsor never even had to present a defense.

As the producer and director of a movie exposing liars and corruption, Bill Windsor has become the target of a lot of liars, corrupt people, and outright crazy people.

Read the full article about Allie Overstreet’s bogus criminal charges on