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Bill Windsor reports from the Windsor v. Allie Overstreet Hearing in Lexington Missouri


Bill Windsor reports from the Windsor v. Allie Overstreet Hearing in Lexington Missouri.

Video Report of Bill Windsor from the Lafayette County Courthouse in Lexington Missouri.


Bill Windsor whips Allie Overstreet’s lawyer in court as Judge Dennis Rolf denied their attempt to get my lawsuit dismissed

2013-04-08-Missouri-Lexington-Lafayette-County-Courthouse 025-640w

Bill Windsor whips Allie Overstreet’s lawyer in court as Judge Dennis Rolf denied their attempt to get my lawsuit dismissed.

There were a number of motions discussed, but the big one was Allie Overstreet’s attempt to have my lawsuit dismissed.  That is always the biggest hurdle in a lawsuit, and a massive hurdle for pro se plaintiffs.  In federal courts in Georgia, no pro se plaintiff has ever won, and 75% lose at the motion to dismiss stage.

I have developed an instant intense dislike for Allie Overstreet’s attorney, Matthew J, O’Connor.  He wears these really ugly alligatorish patchwork black shoes.  Picture a slick hair used car hustler, and that’s what I see when I look at him.  He has lied in court pleadings, and he has filed false pleadings.  He lied to the judge today, and I called him on it right there.  I’m going to refer to him as Weasel Curly.  My late former father-in-law used to tell stories about a guy he knew named Weasel Curly.  The guy looks and acts like a Weasel Curly, in my opinion.

Anyway, the bottom line is that the judge says the pleadings sufficiently spell out a case for relief, so my lawsuit is alive and well.  The judge also ordered them to answer interrogatories and produce valid documents within 14 days.  And he ordered Allie Overstreet to appear at a deposition.  I had asked him to strike her pleadings for making a mockery of discovery.  They’re on notice now, so I believe he will be harsh if they continue to avoid their obligations.

On the negative side, he let Mark Supanich out of the case because he said I did not adequately plead in my lawsuit why a Missouri court should have jurisdiction over a guy from Montana.  So, I have to amend my “Verified Petition” and get him served again.

This lawsuit names 1,000 John Doe defendants, and since it is moving forward full speed now, I look forward to bringing more of the liars, libelers, slanderers, defamers, and cyberstalkers into this case.  I am seeking at least $1,000,000 in damages from each defendant and defendant-to-be.

I had big posters of the fake Facebook pages for my deceased mother, my deceased father, and some other garbage, and I suspect those had an impact on the judge.  He sure looked at them.

After the hearing was over, I pulled the Jeep in front of the courthouse to set up the camera to record a story.  Allie Overstreet passed by and shot me the finger.  I scrambled to get the camera set up, but all I got was her walking down the street.

I’ll process film and get it posted later today.

I feel GREAT about the outcome today.  I whipped Allie Overstreet’s attorney, Weasel Curly, in court!  His tactic was to defame me.  I had the facts and the law.  The guy screwed up.  He filed his answer before he filed the motion to dismiss, and that isn’t allowed.  He blew it.  Thank Heavens I blundered across those cases in my limited time to conduct legal research.

I almost forgot. The judge asked me about being nude with women in hot tubs, one of the defamatory statements made by some of the bozos.  It never happened.  He didn’t read down far enough, or I am sure he would have asked about the statement that I have sex with animals. Maybe we can cover that one next time.  No, never happened and never will happen.

More later.

Allie Overstreet FAILS to show up for her scheduled deposition

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Click here to see the actual deposition of Allie Overstreet:

Deposition Video of Allie Overstreet in 13LF-CV00461 in the case of Windsor v. Overstreet, et al.

Allie Overstreet files outrageously false police report in attempt to get Bill Windsor arrested

Virginia-Arlington-Meet-Me-in-DC-2013-02-05 096-Allie-Overstreet-cropped-640w  crazy-guy-in-straight-jacket-cropped-200w

Allie Overstreet filed an outrageously false police report in an attempt to get Bill Windsor arrested.

This report was filed on March 15, 2013, but I just obtained a copy today.  When time permits, I will count the outrageous lies in this.  Virtually none of it is true.  I will do a sentence-by-sentence analysis with evidence cited.


According to Allie Overstreet, I am part of a giant cult, have a massive plan to take over the government and kill all government employees and judges that don’t agree with me. And that’s just for starters. I have never read so many outrageous lies in one document in my life.

This document makes me feel that Allie Overstreet is seriously mentally ill.  I will file a motion with the court to try to have her admitted or sent for a psych evaluation.

Un******* believable.


To reach Bill Windsor and Lawless America, email


Allie Overstreet refuses to show up for her deposition scheduled for July 14-15, 2013

Virginia-Arlington-Meet-Me-in-DC-2013-02-05 096-Allie-Overstreet-cropped-640w

Allie Overstreet refuses to show up for her deposition scheduled for July 14-15, 2013.

Matthew J. O’Connor is the alleged so-called attorney. He had his assistant call me and claim that Allie Overstreet had a prior commitment. I asked her to identify what prior commitment took precedence over a legal matter, and she failed to respond. She then claimed Matthew J. O’Connor had a court hearing on Monday that would make that day impossible. I asked for the court, judge, and case number, and she failed to respond. I asked the same information of Mr. O’Connor, and he failed to respond. I have developed a strong dislike for Matthew J. O’Connor in very short order. In my opinion, he seems to be the type of attorney who is a discredit to the broken legal system.For those who don’t know, Allie Overstreet is the thing who swore under penalty of perjury that I published many times that I had bought a gun and planned to use it on her and a group of people. She lied her a$$ off. She is a serial liar.

Friend of Allie Overstreet, Michelle Stilipec, files a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Bill Windsor’s son’s company that is nothing but libel, slander, defamation, lies, threats, and stalking

Oregon-Portland-Michelle-Stillipec-Lawless-America-Movie-2013-01-04 022-640w

Friend of Allie Overstreet, Michelle Stilipec, files a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Bill Windsor’s son’s company that is nothing but libel, slander, defamation, lies, threats, and stalking

Here is a Better Business Bureau complaint that this outrageous cyberstalker has filed against my son’s company, an entity that is not now and never has been involved with my Lawless America project.

Here’s what she filed, filled with libel, defamation, and more:

Online Harassment. They have purchased a website in my name although I have never done business with them. My friends and I have reported the fraudulent business practices of Bill Windsor and his scam company, Lawless America. Bill is the father of Ryan Windsor, the head of Alacatraz Media. As retaliation, Bill is suing and stalking anyone who speaks up, as is our right. On June 4, 2013, using the Alcatraz Media Company name, Bill purchased website domains in the names of his victims, he is now creating horrible websites listing our names, pictures, contact info, pictures of our houses that he himself has stalked us to get, and claims we are criminals who have made slanderous remarks and death threats about him. The intention is to harass us and he claims that he will sue us until we are bankrupt and has indicated that he is doing background checks on us and wants to collect damages us from us to finance his fake company, Lawless America. However the websites themselves were purchased under the name of Alcatraz Media, a company none of us has done business with EVER, unless Lawless America is a scam by the whole family rather than just the father, Bill. Please and thank you for looking into this for us. The proof of this is here:

You can click on the Sean B**shie, or Allie Overstreet website to see that he is using these sites to harass us and says that he is a member of the media and that we are not allowed to read the websites and that if we do that he considers is stalking. Ryan Windsor has told us that Bill is extremely mentally ill and that he left home because they staged a failed intervention. And now Bill is using the family company to stalk and harass us all. Resolution: We don’t want money from this particular issue. We just want to harassing websites taken down. Unfortunately Bill Windsor has been declared a vexatious litigant and is not allowed to sue anyone without first obtaining permission from the court. He is stalking us and harassing us with the desires that we sue him, so that he can have access to the courts and use the courts to stalk us and collect damages. What the lawsuits will amount to and how much the family will be responsible for allowing an extremely mentally ill man to use their company to harass others is up for the courts to decide. We are simply requesting that the BBB be aware that that the company is allowing this abuse and illegal activity. And we thank you for your time if there is anything you can do to help us with this situation.

When time permits, I will set up to expose this woman for the criminal that I believe she is. She’s a friend of Allie Overstreet.


Proof of the fundamental lie in her so-called Complaint; this shows the ownership of the domain that is available to anyone with a simple WHOIS search online:

MICHELLE-STILIPEC-7-9-2013 2-28-52 PM

MICHELLE-STILIPEC-7-9-2013 2-29-29 PM

Here is the Complaint as it appears on the Better Business Bureau – BBB – website:





Allie Overstreet is named to the Hall of Shame


Allie Overstreet gets named to the Hall of Shame published by Barbara Hartwell.

The Hall of Shame: Yes, it’s a hackneyed term, but it’s also the best description of the evil (and shameful) works of bad guys, which is why it has survived for decades.

So here it is, the Hall of Shame. This list includes all kinds, male and female, the living and the deceased (some of whom are identified as such), from every place on the spectrum –from aggressive, obnoxious, loud-mouthed busybodies and snoops, to child rapists and murderers.

On this list there are malicious liars, thieves, blackmailers, extortionists, sex perverts/predators, pederasts, psycho stalkers, porno-mongers, human slave traffickers, identity thieves, COINTELPRO operatives and their minions, CIA, FBI, NSA (etc. etc.) agents, mind control handlers, perpetrators of eugenics, voodoo “scientists”, black magicians/occultists, anti-Christs, false prophets, demons masquerading as angels of light, cowards, traitors, U.S. Constitution-shredders, corrupt cops and government officials, slanderers, forgers, plagiarists, drug traffickers, common criminals, career criminals, war criminals, predicate felons, misogynists/male supremacists, racists/bigots, animal abusers, satanists, pedophiles, leftists, collectivists, socialists, communists, fascists, Nazis, Bolsheviks, globalist totalitarians, purveyors of disinformation, invaders of privacy, New Age nincompoops, secular humanist psycho-babblers, social engineers, psychopaths (and other assorted whackjobs), gun-grabbers, scamsters, hucksters, mountebanks, snake-oil salesmen, swindlers, charlatans, con artists, government stooges, minions and shills.
I have not included any of the titles, credentials, military rank or “letters” some of these characters use (either legitimately or as fraud); for my purposes here they are irrelevant.   Some are notorious wrongdoers; some I’m sure you’ve never heard of.  You see, it doesn’t really matter to me who they are, or why they are engaged in wrongdoing or crimes.  I am an “equal opportunity” expositor. Some of these individuals are exposed in detailed reports on this website.

From where I stand, it’s all about exposing INJUSTICE, as well as seeking JUSTICE for the Targets and Victims, who suffer as a direct result of the aggression by these wrongdoers. The individuals named here have participated –one way or another– in aggressive actions which violate the unalienable rights and liberties of others. The point is, they should all be held accountable for the wrongs they have done, the lies they have told, the false information they have disseminated, the crimes they have committed, the attacks on their Targets and Victims.

Also despicable is the promotion of bad guys to the detriment of truth-tellers and legitimate whistleblowers and expositors of corruption.  It’s not only a general matter of principle, but to me, also very personal. And when these perps unjustly attack my friends and allies, they are by extension attacking me.


Welcome to

Virginia-Arlington-Meet-Me-in-DC-2013-02-06 047-640w

Welcome to

This website is an expose of Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet of Higginsville Missouri.

Allie Overstreet is a serial liar.  She will be the subject of a one-hour TV show by Lawless America.  She will also be one of the stars of a new Lawless America movie titled Slanderella.

Bill Windsor has filed criminal charges against Allie Overstreet and a civil lawsuit.

For more information, email


Bill Windsor files Second Request for Production of Documents by Allie Overstreet


Bill Windsor files Second Request for Production of Documents by Allie Overstreet.

Bill Windsor wants to have a forensic examination of Allie Overstreet’s computers and cellphones.  This will identify files that have not been produced or have been deleted.



Plaintiff William M. Windsor (“Windsor”) requests that Defendant Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet (“Overstreet”) produce for inspection and copying on August 5, 2013 at 1:00 pm at Holiday Inn Express Suites, 19901 E Valley View Pky, Independence, MO 64057 (or at such other place as may be agreed upon), the following in the manner required by law.

1.                  Overstreet is to produce all computers, cellphones, iPads, or other electronic devices used by Overstreet in 2011, 2012, and 2013.  The hard drives will be analyzed by Missouri Computer Forensics Associates (“Forensic Analyst”), and copies will be made of data found and recovered.  It may be possible for the Forensic Analyst to conduct some of this work remotely, so Windsor will have the Forensic Analyst contact Overstreet to make the arrangements that will work best for all concerned.

Submitted this 3rd day of July, 2013,


William M. Windsor



William M. Windsor

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